Manhattanhenge, also known as Manhattan Solstice is when the sunset in Manhattan is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets in this borough's grid. It happens twice a year, and I find it quite pretty. Hope I will have the chance to observe the phenomenon one day !


1. Manhattanhenge along 23rd St, 2. Manhattanhenge, 3. Manhattanhenge along 22nd St, 4. Manhattanhenge, 5. Manhattanhenge, 6. Manhattan Solstice (Manhattanhenge), 7. another Manhattanhenge picture, 8. Manhattanhenge Mo Traffic, 9. Manhattanhenge, 10. manhattanhenge, 11. manhattanhenge: may 31st, 2009, 12. Manhattanhenge, from Long Island City, 13. Manhattanhenge