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Cover - Born to be alive

Some may found this cover (from the movie Poltergay) "boring to death" (these are my friend's word), but I just love it. The singer is Julie Depardieu, a famous french actress.

Mind the Gap

London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo.

I like this video because it shows how busy London is. It was made with more than 3000 pictures put together in less than 2 minutes. Be aware: it's sounds best with volume on its maximum.

People are Strange

Violenn Simon is a student from the very famous french school Olivier de Serres. Visit her blog to see the pages with more details.

Tenacious D - Tribute

Tenacious D is one band of a kind: Jack Black (also an actor) and Kyle Gass are what can be call a satirical rock band. But this doesn't mean that their music is bad, on the contrary! And here is Tribute, a tribute to the greatest song in the world.

Tribute - Tenacious D

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